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Michael Irwin

From Humble Beginnings…

Michael Irwin always wanted to work in the building industry. In 1993, he was given his chance to start honing his craft when he secured a job within the Investment Division of Nationwide Realty Pty Ltd.

While working for Nationwide, Michael realised that he really loved working in the industry and he saw huge potential for a better service to be provided.

It didn’t take him long to reach the conclusion that he had chosen the right field of work for himself, and he decided to stay within the building industry.

Early Inspiration

Over the next 3 years, Michael worked towards starting his own business while learning what he could from his employer. Specifically, he discovered there was a better way to provide House & Land packages to property investors.

After studying market research and doing his due diligence, Michael realised he had a huge opportunity to carve out a niche in the property investment market – so it was the next natural step in his career.

Doing What He Loves

Today, Michael’s key focus is to help his clients by providing turn-key House & Land packages at a fixed price. His clients love the fact that there are no extra costs once the contract is signed… and the after-sales service is the icing on the cake! Michael genuinely loves what he does with Pivotal Homes. When recently asked, “What work would you do, even if you weren’t paid to do it?” his reply was simple: “I’m doing it :)”

A Heart for the Community

Michael Irwin proudly supports the Preston Campbell FoundationBeyond helping people build their wealth with premium-quality investment properties, Michael’s is also passionate about helping his community. Michael feels blessed to have had a level of success in business with Pivotal Homes, and finds it very satisfying to be able to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Michael Irwin has been quoted as saying:

“I believe that because our community has helped my business to be successful, it is my responsibility to give back and help those less fortunate. I can rest easy knowing the majority of the money I donate to The Salvation Army is going directly to the people that need it the most and only a small percentage of the money is being used for administration costs. Thank God for the Salvos.”

Over the past few years, through Pivotal Homes, Michael Irwin has made substantial donations to various charities including The Salvation Army, Live to GiveBravehearts and the Preston Campbell Foundation.  Michael also holds a Queensland Building And Construction Commission license. At the time of writing, Michael Irwin now has 24 years experience in the industry he is so passionate about. He brings this passion to every new client who joins Pivotal Homes!

Personal Insights about Michael Irwin

Michael’s hobbies include:

  • Boating
  • Fitness (going to the gym, doing boxing)
  • Cars
  • Sports including football

He says his greatest accomplishment to-date is helping his clients become financially secure with the House & Land packages Pivotal Homes offers. Michael has been influenced and inspired by several great property investors, including:

  • James Tyson – (1819–1898) The son of a humble farmer, James Tyson was recognised as the wealthiest Australian landowner when he passed away, with an estimated net worth of over $5 million stirling
  • Sir Sidney Kidman – (1857-1935) An Australian pastoralist & “Cattle King” who owned or co-owned large amounts of Australian property
  • Arthur Earle – (1913 – 1998) Arthur Earle was a property development icon who first came to the Gold Coast in 1964 and procured significant amounts of land during his lifetime. One of the roads he built now forms part of the Pacific Highway. In 1980 he partnered with Gold Coast developer Robin Loh

These three investors all become financially secure by investing in land. They then shared their expertise with otheres so that they could become financially secure as well. Michael has strived to achieve this same result through his own company, Pivotal Homes.

A Vision for the Future

Looking forward, Michael is looking into moden and energy-efficient open plan houses which are designed to fit on smaller blocks, at an affordable price.

Mick Irwin is one of the most genuine, honest and generous guys in the industry. I am proud to be associated with Mick and Pivotal Homes and fortunate to be recommended as their preferred finance specialist. Any investment property marketing specialists would find it to their advantage to talk to Mick and Pivotal Homes to secure good stock to offer to their clients.

– Brian Doyle, Wealthkey Mortgages

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