My name is Colin Thompson and I live in Melbourne. We had the opportunity to look at Pivotal Homes with the view of purchasing one for investment purposes. We were very impressed with the finish and use of fixtures and fittings.

After our viewing we decided to purchase a land and house. From the outset we were given comprehensive details on the whole building process. We were continually updated with information and helped along with the process by the staff.

Once the building started we had our own site on the internet and were updated with pictures of the house throughout the building process which was excellent.

Paperwork continued to come and the payment of the different stages was always sent promptly.

We are very pleased with the finish of the house it looks great and the appliances and the overall professional job has enabelled us to rent the property in very quick time.

Thanks very much to the staff that looked after us particulay considering that we were in Melbourne.

We would certainly choose Pivotal again if we decide to purchase another property.