When I received your letter asking for testimonials, I nearly put it aside with all the other when I get a moment items. But as it surfaced again I thought it was a really good opportunity for us tell you and others how happy we were with our first dealings with Pivotal homes.

When dropping into your office unannounced whilst on holidays on the Gold Coast we were warmly welcomed, wonderfully treated and openly invited to sit down with the owner for a chat about how Pivotal Homes do things. And you really do what you say you are going to do.

Once we got started on the project there were few delays, quick responses to questions and any problems quickly sorted. The ground staff, contractors and office people all worked very professionally.

We have friends doing similar things who said it was “too hard, too many hassles. We’ll never do it again”. Well all we can say is that they should have used Pivotal Homes. We were completely satisfied with the experience, the communication, the time frames and finally the excellent build quality.

We will recommend Pivotal Homes to anyone who’s willing to listen.

Congratulations on a business the builds quality in the their people, their word and a great product.

We are very happy Pivotal Homes customers.