I signed contracts for an investment property with Pivotal Homes, having never heard of them and I was dubious as a result of the negative stories you can hear about builders. The property is now completed however, and Pivotal Homes certainly exceeded my expectations!

The property was completed within the correct timeframe which minimised my interest payments without income, and I was delighted with the quality fittings and overall finish! The property was easily tenanted within 3 weeks of handover. They offer an excellent online viewing gallery that allows you to track the progress of your property with photos, this is a valued tool for owners like myself that live interstate or a fair way from the building site.

The staff in the office and out on the building site are caring, responsible and always provide prompt responses to questions and valuable information about your property.

Pivotal Homes truly did do an absolutely great job and should be very proud of their final product and service. I will certainly approach them again if I’m looking to build another investment property!