I recently purchased and had my property built by Pivotal Homes. Having built properties before with other institutions it had become a custom that the process may not always be a smooth one. Pivotal Homes are by far an exception to that rule and exceeded all of my expectations in every aspect of the process and final result of my new home. So much to the point that I have taken the time to write this testimonial.

I was more than impressed with the superior customer service, attention to detail, effort and rapid response to ensure that all of my needs were met and any of my questions or queries were answered and / or resolved.

Working away on the other side of the country I thought that this would in some sense create a restraint. This however was not the case as Pivotal Homes were very more than attentive to my needs and constraints and on many occasions went far and beyond my expectations.

All of the staff at Pivotal Homes were not only very professional, courteous and friendly but were also very knowledgeable and passionate with their customer service and high standards.

My home was finished beautifully which was a real testament to the builders and building supervisor. I could see the care, pride and effort that had gone into my home, almost as though they were building it for themselves.

I have no hesitation and am already looking forward to building the next home with Pivotal homes. An amazingly finished and high quality home. Exceptional value for money and quality.

Thanks Pivotal Homes.