Teagan Menzel

Today my husband and I had our practical completion inspection for our very first home build by Pivotal Homes. We are IN LOVE…. From the gloss finished doors, the 900 oven, the 1300 front door & all the other minor details that count in the WOW factor of a home are amazing. At the beginning we had a few communication issues getting through to certain people, but there was always another person to answer our calls & questions. We at times were lucky enough to speak to Mick (The owner of Pivotal Homes) who was super down to earth & lovely.

We can’t speak highly enough of Shane (our site supervisor) who continually showed that he really takes pride in the builds that he is managing, even before practical completion he went through and picked up on little things to fix that we couldn’t even see, he wouldn’t just answer my worried questions but explain exactly why things have happened in a certain way which would ease my worries very quickly, his communication was fantastic and we have so much respect for him !

A special thank you to Lisa also who although super professional is very personable and made the communication so much more pleasant ❤️